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We offer junior mountain biking courses during the school holidays as well as private initiation or improvement to mountain biking driving.
We also have a catalog of ebike terroir tours. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form or at the following address: simon@allvelo.fr

JUNIOR MTB COURSES *: You have 5 days to learn all the techniques of mountain biking, but also mechanics, orientation ... and thus become a real mountain biker, autonomous and responsible, while having fun on your bike!

INDIVIDUAL COURSES of initiation or improvement: whatever your age and your comfort, come learn to ride a bike with an instructor. You will approach the safety aspects and the basic techniques together in order to be 100% autonomous. Are you already a regular mountain biker and want to take driving lessons to be more comfortable in technical passages, to overcome obstacles or to make jumps? Come and progress on the advice of an instructor who will adapt to your desires and your personal mountain biking practice.

THEME HIKES in electric bikes *:
eBike wine tour: hike in the heart of the vineyards and atypical tasting
eBike cave tour: time travel between caves and dolmens
eBike beer tour: sparkling and informative ride on the secrets of beer
eBike lavender tour: olfactory and visual hike, guaranteed sensory experience

* departures guaranteed from 4 people